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There are two types of people with chronic pain: those who suffer from it and those who live with it. What this book shows is that the pain is inevitable ... the suffering is optional.

Living well with chronic pain is NOT a cure for chronic pain. If accepted and practiced, the 5-step plan it provides is a real alternative to suffering from chronic pain.

It is the first book about chronic pain, by a person who has had chronic pain. Chris Fallon has experienced chronic pain for over 38 years and wasted over 25 of those years suffering from it. Now he lives with his chronic pain and enjoys life, as do his family and friends.

‘An honest and empowering approach to living with chronic pain, from a man who truly understands. ... realistic and easy-to-follow steps towards improving quality of life.’
Alicia Dawson, psychologist


‘Chris knows what it’s like to have suffered from chronic pain. Now, more importantly, he knows how to live with it, and even better, he shares that knowledge with us all.’
John Robins, physiotherapist

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